The referendum sponsors received confirmation late today that the developer has withdrawn their first application approved by the City Council in December.  As a result the citizen group has withdrawn the referendum.

Major Referendum Announcement!!!!

Coalville friends and neighbors, we have some very exciting news on the Wohali Referendum – the Wohali Group withdrew their first application today!!! Because this was the application that was under referendum, the sponsors of the referendum and the leadership group of Coalville for Responsible Growth consulted with our attorney and, under her advice, withdrew our referendum as well.

Brief History on Wohali Application #1 and the Referendum

This first Wohali application was the one for the largest project and it included a re-zone that allowed for 570 residential units and 130 nightly rentals. It was hotly contested by the majority of Coalville residents, but was approved by a 3-1 vote of the city council at a public hearing at The Ledges Building in December. The CFRG group collected over 300 signatures of Coalville residents who were opposed to this large scale project and together we earned the right to “Let Coalville Vote” on the issue in an upcoming election in June.

What Does This Announcement Mean for Coalville?

Simply put, this means WE WON!!! We don’t get to vote, because a vote isn’t necessary. Coalville residents got exactly what the majority of us wanted in the first place. If we would have left our referendum in effect, all the effort and extra cost put into preparing for and running an election would have been for nothing, because there is no longer the project application that can be contested.

What Does This Mean for the Wohali Development?

The massive development that would have been built under their first application is history! However, the Wohali Group still has two existing applications in Coalville City. Application #2 (MPD for Permitted Uses Under Existing Zoning) and Application #3 (Golf Course Excavation and Building Permit) are both subject to the zoning the property was annexed in under – Ag 1:20. Work has already begun on Application #3, which is for an 18-hole golf course, permitted under Coalville City Code. Application #2 is still being discussed at the planning commission level because the developer is requesting a large number (320) of nightly rentals, needed as a support to the golf course, that are not expressly permitted in the Ag Zone.  Because the developer has elected to apply for only what is allowed in the AG zone a referendum is not possible on either of the two active applications.

How Can You Help Now?

The “I Love Coalville” group still needs your support. We have many costs associated with the referendum and our excellent legal council, Polly McLean, that still need to be covered. We know times are tough, but we wouldn’t be in this position without our attorney – and would love your help in seeing that we meet our obligations. We will gladly accept your generous donation in any amount! It all helps. We are also asking that you stay involved in what is happening with your local Coalville City government. There will still be many opportunities for you to help us shape the future of Coalville!!!

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