So much has changed since we completed our signature drive in February.  Much more important issues have suddenly invaded our town and we are temporarily changing our focus.


A Temporary Shift

Even though it’s only been weeks, it seems like years ago that we were concerned with getting enough signatures for our referendum petition.  Rest assured that things are still on track and the matter will be up for a vote on June 30, 2020.   We will provide a separate update on the referendum and current issues shortly.


Focus on Community Needs

But for now our focus has shifted and our thoughts have turned to the new concerns that our citizens are facing.  With the Covid-19 pandemic now upon us we are considering ways that the contacts and framework that was created during the petition drive can be utilized to help our community pull together and help one another through the current crisis.

Federal, state and local government are doing all they can to ease the situation.  There are religious and charitable organizations that are also giving aid and our community is filled with resourceful and prepared people.  This community has always been about neighbor helping neighbor but with problems this big there will still be gaps and concerns that are not met.  Hopefully, we as a community group can add another layer of hope and help.

Take Our Needs Assessment

First up we thought it was important to take a needs assessment of the community and find out what is most concerning for our citizens and what areas we could work on as a community group.  Please take a few minutes and let us know how your family/household is doing and what needs and concerns you may have as we go through the next couple of difficult months.  You answers and identity are confidential.

Take our needs assessment here

You can also send us an email to We’d love to hear what is on your mind.


We Love You Coalville,

Coalville for Responsible Growth