If you’ve been craving knowledge of what’s happening at Coalville City meetings, here’s “the dish”…

Scoop 1:  Public Attendance At Meetings Will Remain Virtual

At the most recent meeting of the Coalville City Council, Council Member Rodney Robbins questioned why the meeting format hadn’t changed to allow in person attendance with the ease of Covid-19 restrictions.  He pointed out that 50 people should be allowed to attend in person and that members of the public should have the opportunity to be in the building where participation is easier.  City staff was quick to respond that if more than 50 people showed up to the meeting, it may be unfair to people who couldn’t get in – pointing out that at previous meetings when attendance has been over capacity, people were upset.  They said if a fair way to establish attendance protocols could be suggested, perhaps they could rethink this position.  The mayor wondered about having a reservation system for in-person attendance.  Council Member Robbins suggested “first come, first served”.  However, in the end staff decided that public attendance at city meetings would likely remain virtual until restrictions were lifted completely.

Scoop 2:  Important Upcoming Public Hearings

On Monday, April 19th, the Coalville City Planning Commission will be holding two virtual public hearings.  One of the public hearings is concerning a major update to the trails within the city that could allow for miles of new trails throughout the city.  The other is a public hearing involving Wohali’s Development Agreement with the city. It includes the details the city staff and the developers have been working on over the development’s use of Coalville City water.  A link to the public notice website with the meeting link, complete agenda and all applicable documents for both of these hearings can be found here.

The two public hearing items are listed as follows:

“4. Public Hearing: Review, Discuss, Receive Comment, And Possible Approval Recommendation For Ordinance No. 2021-3 Update Amendments To The Parks, Trails, And Open Space Development Code Provisions And Master Plan

6. Public Hearing: Review, Discuss, Receive Comment, And Possible Approval Recommendation For The Wohali Phase I Final Subdivision Plat And MPD Development Agreement”

Whipped Cream: Administrative Law Judge/Code Enforcement Officer

The council passed an ordinance creating an administrative code enforcement and variance hearing officer program within Coalville City by a vote of 4-1 at their meeting on March 22,2021.  Voting in favor of the ordinance were council members Cody Blonquist, Phil Geary, Tyler Rowser and Don Winters.  The opposing vote was cast by council member Rodney Robbins. The vote was ratified at the most recent meeting on April 12, due to the March meeting not being noticed properly. For more information about this new ordinance you can read our previous article on the Administrative Law Judge here.

A Cherry On Top:  A New Water Contract

At the April 12th meeting, the council gave unanimous approval for Coalville City to enter into a contract for 190 acre/feet of Weber Basin Water that the city has held in reserve for a number of years. This move allowed the city to avoid being impacted by a rate hike that would have taken effect and nearly doubled the cost of this water if it wasn’t under contract before August 2021.  More information about this water contract and a water proposal involving the Wohali Development can be found here.