In order to inform the public of your choices on the primary ballot, the “I Love Coalville” website has invited all candidates for Coalville City office to send us information they want the public to know about them and why they are running.  Louise Willoughby responded to our invitation, so she is the next to be featured in this series.  Hopefully we will have an opportunity to hear from the other candidates as well!!!

In addition to the information on her campaign cover photo above, here is what Louise would like you to know:

Hello Coalville Citizens!  I’m excited to run for a Coalville City Council Seat and to be a voice for your ideas and concerns.  My husband and I have lived in Coalville for 44 years and we love living here and enjoy getting to know the people that have chosen to live in this delightful, rural town.  We have four daughters and 15 grandchildren we enjoy having fun with.  My husband is a local business owner and I have been a Summit County public-school teacher and principal for 32 years.  I am very familiar with the needs of local schools and how growth affects school and community funding.
What I stand for; I am for rural community growth that includes homes and families and businesses and enhance a rural, not resort culture.  I am for a community vision that is developed by the citizens and their representatives on the city council. I am a strong supporter of city councils keeping and using the legislative power they were elected to use.  I believe that together, we can support Coalville’s growth in ways that are affordable, desirable and innovative.  I am very interested in hearing from you about your vision for Coalville and concerns you have for the future of Coalville and Coalville Citizens.  Contact me at;
Cell Phone: 435-640-6095
I would love your vote on August 10 (primaries) and November 2nd.
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