In order to inform the public of your choices on the primary ballot, the “I Love Coalville” website has invited all candidates for Coalville City office to send us information they want the public to know about them and why they are running.  Gibeon Robbins was the second to respond to our invitation, so he is the next to be featured in this series.  Hopefully we will have an opportunity to hear from the other candidates as well!!!


In addition to his campaign cover photo above, here’s what Gibeon wants you to know:

  • He is the youngest candidate at just 18 years of age
  • He is a life-long resident of Coalville
  • He will work to make sure there are affordable choices for young people like him who want to stay in or return to Coalville
  • He has grown up with local politics – his father, Rodney Robbins has served on the Coalville City Council for more than 7 years
  • He ran a local lawn care business for 4 years and now works as a local truck driver
  • He understands the procedures of government and was chairman of the North Summit FFA’s “Conduct of Chapter Meetings” team that took silver at the national competition
  • He values our small town, rural way of life
  • He will to listen to the people he serves
  • He will work to ensure our city code compliments agricultural business

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