The referendum sponsor group has written a statement supporting the petition to put Ordinance 2019-7 to a vote of the people.  Please read the full statement here.


Proposition Information Pamphlet

Referendum Sponsor Statement

Utah Code 20A-7-401.5

The rural and historic nature of Coalville has been a long-standing and iconic part of the city’s identity.  If upheld, Ordinance 2019-7, would rezone 1,525 acres from Agriculture (AG) – allowing 1 dwelling/20 acres – to the combined zone districts of Residential Agricultural (RA), Low Density Residential (R-1) and High Density Residential (R-4).  The rezoning would permit a development containing 2 golf courses, 570 residences and 130 nightly rental units (not including potential accessory dwelling units).  This large-scale, luxury resort is simply incompatible with the rural and historic nature of the existing small community and contradicts several of the primary objectives outlined in the Coalville City General Plan.


The proposed project would more than double the size of Coalville.  A change this significant requires significant input and approval from the existing residents.  Yet this rezoning was approved by only 3 City Council Members (1 against 1 absent) against overwhelming public opposition.  The residents spoke clearly and in large numbers against the annexation and rezoning of the Wohali project at four key City Council/Planning Commission public hearings:


  • March 12, 2018 Annexation Hearing
  • November 4, 2019 Planning Commission Hearing
  • November 18, 2019 City Council Hearing
  • December 9, 2019 City Council Hearing Continuation


Additionally, a door-to-door public opinion survey reached 201 citizens prior to the December 9, 2019 public hearing.  Data collected during the survey reported 171 resident signatures asking for the zoning to remain at (AG) 1 dwelling per 20 acres, 14 signatures approving of the zone change allowing 700 units, 10 residents were neutral and 6 declining to sign.


Many other questions and concerns were not resolved to the satisfaction of the public prior to the City Council taking action.  The most common concerns listed here should have been resolved prior to any zoning change:


  • Water quality and quantity was a huge concern to over half the people who spoke at the public hearings. 162 residents signed the survey asking Coalville to provide an independent verification of the Wohali-sponsored water study.  This request was not honored.
  • Many citizens have asked for an independent financial study to verify Wohali’s claims on cost vs benefits to the city. This request is yet to be honored.
  • The secondary road access to Wohali is not adequate and may create a hazard in the event of a fire or other emergency. This defect has not been sufficiently addressed.


People don’t mind being disagreed with, but they clearly mind being ignored.


The Coalville City Council needs to know that Coalville residents oppose large-scale rezoning that moves the growth of the city away from its rural, historic heritage and in the direction of a resort community without the strong support of the existing residents.  Join with other concerned citizens who support giving the public the right to vote on this important rezoning decision by signing our Referendum Petition.