A lot has been happening at City Hall over the past few weeks.  Don’t be left in the dark.  Read on for the latest…

Upcoming Meetings and Public Hearings

A public hearing for the Wohali Phase 1 Final MPD Development Agreement is scheduled for Monday, May 10, 2021 at the regular meeting of the Coalville City Council. This meeting will be virtual with limited in person attendance.  It includes the details the city staff and the developers have been working on over the development’s use of Coalville City water. You can access the entire document through the public notice website link here.

In order for Wohali to implement the Master Development Plan Approval a Development Agreement must be approved by the city council.  Before the council can approve the development agreement a public hearing must be held.  This hearing is scheduled for Monday, May 10th at 6:00.  The complete development agreement can be found in the above link.

This article will highlight a few areas where CFRG (Coalville For Responsible Growth)  still has major  questions and concerns.

a.      In section 7.1.7 Ownership it states, “All water, sewer, irrigation and stormwater facilities within public and private rights-of-way or public and private easements will become part of the City’s system upon acceptance by the City Council.”  We question what  the projected maintenance and repair cost to the city and citizens for 303 nightly rentals, 125 homes, accessory dwellings, golf courses, maintenance facilities and unnamed recreational support facilities will be?

b.     In section 4.6.2 #1.  Additional uses as described it states, “ Land uses in the project may include without LIMITATION the following:

g.  Recreational support facilities (yurts, glamping, other recreational uses, and facilities). We question what does “without limitation” mean, and what are other recreational uses.  We have heard rumors of cross country and downhill skiing facilities.  We are concerned that without  any limits and clear definitions of what   “OTHER RECREATIONAL USES” are,  Coalville city water supply could be in crisis.

 c.  In section 7.2.2 Water System Design and Construction  it states, “ It is the City’s responsibility to provide all required water service to the Project based on the available capacity.”  And, “ the City has no responsibility or obligation to provide secondary irrigation water to the golf courses.  We are grateful that the city is under no obligation to provide secondary water to the golf courses, but what about the unlimited and unnamed recreational support facilities and landscape watering for resort units.   We are very concerned what this water amount could be in the future.   We are also concerned about the amount of culinary water that could be pulled for resort units.

d.  Section 9.2 Trails Plan states, “Master Developer shall design and construct private trails throughout the Open Space.”  We question why this development is allowed to construct  private trails, and not be required to construct or pay into the proposed trail system in Coalville, but  other developers and individual home builders  could be required in the near future, if the cities proposed trail plan passes, to dedicate land to the trail system and to build and maintain part of the trail system.

We encourage citizens to become familiar with the proposed development agreement (there are 77 pages)  and to attend the city meeting to express their thoughts and feelings about the agreement.

Miles of New Trails in Coalville???

On Monday, April 19th, the Coalville City Planning Commission held a virtual public hearing concerning a major update to the parks, trails and open space code. If passed in its original form, it would allow for miles of new trails throughout the city. Many of these trails are plotted through private property and are to be put in at the expense of the landowner when new development occurs on their property. After listening to public comments and concerns, the planning commission decided that more work needed to be done before forwarding a positive recommendation onto the council.

Upcoming Elections

The positions held by Mayor Trevor Johnson, and Council Members Rodney Robbins and Cody Blonquist are up for election this year. Anyone interested in running for office must file at Coalville City Hall between June 1st and June 7th.