The Planning Commission will be holding a work session and public hearing to take public comment on the Wohali Application #2.

Monday, June 15, 2020 @ The Ledges Building 6:00 pm

What’s Happening?

On Monday, June 15, 2020, the Coalville City Planning Commission will hold a work session and public hearing at The Ledges Building in Coalville. According to the agenda, the purpose is “Continued review and discussion of the Wohali Partners LLC Property Existing Zoning, Permitted Use, MPD application Phase 1 Preliminary Subdivision Plat”.  If you’d like to review, a summary and citizen perspective of the May 18, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting regarding Application #2 can be found here.

May 18, 2020 Planning Commission meeting summary

What does that mean?

Since the developer pulled the first application that was under referendum, and the golf course was approved by staff under a third application, this meeting is focusing on their second application. There is a lot of information about this second application on Coalville City’s web page, but the staff report simplifies it and makes it readable. Here is a link if you want to go read the entire staff report.

Staff Report

However, to make it easy, here is the most relevant portion of that document. At this public hearing, the red highlighted portions are what we, the public, need to focus our comments on:

1. No Rezone request – applicant is applying under the Existing Zoning of AG (1 unit /20 Acres)

2. Added 138.34 acres of Wohali Partners Property east of the previous MPD application. This is all proposed as open space. Total application is now 1,664.04 acres.

3. Providing a higher percentage of dedicated open space (70.48% vs 50%)

4. Additional Open Space allows for maximum 50% Bonus density per MPD Ordinance.

5. Reduced Residential density from 570 to 125.

6. All 125 units will have potential for ADU’s on each lot as allowed per Code.

7. Increased Nightly rentals from 130 to 303.

8. All density and nightly rentals are located in the east portion of the property except for one large parcel located west of the cliffs.

9. All Resort Amenities remain as proposed originally but with only Private Access for Resort members and guests.

10. Entry Cabin will be Gated.

11. All sewer and water services will be provided by Coalville City with Wohali paying for all necessary infrastructure to serve the development and all impact/hookup fees and usage fees. (Same as any project today in Coalville)

12. No culinary wells will be required to be provided.

13. Annual Fiscal impacts have been updated for the new and reduced proposal.

The primary issue regarding the new application is the number of resort nightly rental units being proposed by the applicant.


What Exactly Is At Stake For Coalville?

Basically, the second application is supposed to ask for what is allowed under the AG 1:20 Zone. If it’s allowed, there isn’t much the public can do or say to change it. This would include things like the golf course and the gate. However, there is a BIG question on Wohali’s second application. They are asking for 303 Nightly Rental Units that are not listed as an allowed use in that zone. It has been stated that these units aren’t limited by a definition or size. They could be anything from a small room to a large 5 bedroom cottage. No matter how large the units are, they are not counting them as housing density – they have already maxed that out with the 125 units listed on #6. Also, please note, each of those 125 homes already have the possibility of having an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property. The planning commission discussed the 303 nightly rental units at length in their last meeting. While the developer tried to show how they felt these fit within the code, the members of the planning commission didn’t seem to agree. The commissioners asked great questions and brought up some very good points concerning allowing this large number of nightly rentals in the AG 1:20 Zone and not including them in the density count.  The planning commission ultimately decided they needed more direction and asked for a work session to discuss this further, stating more than once they weren’t ready for a public hearing. However,  at the request of the developer and against the instructions of the Planning Commission a public hearing has been scheduled by staff in addition to the work session.

What Does Our Planning Commission Need From The Public At This Meeting?

They need our voice! They need our input and guidance as to what we think about the positives and pitfalls of allowing 303 nightly rentals in our AG 1:20 Zone. They need us to stand up in the public hearing and tell them how we feel about THIS SPECIFIC ISSUE. It’s not the time to express dismay about the golf course and how much water it will take to keep it green, but you could talk about how much water those 303 nightly rentals would use. It won’t help to tell them that you think the 125 homes will negatively impact our sewer system, but it would be helpful to discuss the impact the nightly rentals will have on it. The point is, right now we can’t change the allowed uses permitted in the AG zone. That is something that we need to suggest code revisions for. What we can do is give our planning commission direction on what isn’t expressly allowed – the nightly rentals! We can also review this short document written by Wohali’s attorney as to why he thinks these nightly rentals fit the code and make our opinions known about his findings.

Wohali Memo

Wrapping It Up…

Whether you are in favor of allowing all 303 nightly rentals, only a portion of that number, or no nightly rentals at all, the planning commission needs to hear your voice! So on Monday night, put on your favorite mask and join us at The Ledges Building. Let’s make sure our community gets to have the voice we weren’t able to express in a vote.